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Facilities Managers as enablers of positive experiences

16 May 2017

Facilities Managers as enablers of positive experiences

Globally, facilities managers today celebrate the World FM Day under the theme: “Enabling positive experiences.”

Over the years, the role of facilities managers has evolved from managing and coordinating workspaces for clients to enabling positive customer experiences among other roles.

Richard Flame, Director for Facilities Management at Broll Property Group says: “Delivering customer service that exceeds expectations starts with understanding what good service is from the customer’s point of view.” 

Facilities managers’ roles are multifaceted as they are no longer just concerned about the coordination and functionality of space they manage. Their management strategies should enable positive experiences for both space occupiers and the client. In fact, he says the aim should not be just to meet the client’s expectations, facilities managers should aim to exceed customer service.

He says there are ways in which facilities managers can develop a positive customer attitude and these are:

•  Avoid negative input and always have solutions for problems •  Be pro-active with the customers •  Encourage positive self-talk among teams •  Inspire confidence and encourage team collaboration often •  Listen more and speak less •  Promote a positive attitude within teams •  Remain positive with high expectations •  Recognise attitude as a matter of choice •  Strive to improve one’s attitude towards customer service •  Use positive language

 “As we celebrate World FM Day, we acknowledge the role of facilities managers in helping to create positive work experiences.”

Flame says at Broll FM, they are committed to always ensuring the customers’ needs are met and to do that, the team consistently communicates with the customer to ensure their needs are aligned with workspace requirements since well designed workspaces help increase productivity.

Facilities managers need to understand that the design and management of a building can positively and negatively impact on productivity and staff morale, as a result, it becomes important that managers also align their work facilities strategies with the client’s workspace needs.

Employees need to work in spaces that offer comfort and if they have control and adjustment of conditions within the space they occupy, this then reduces health and safety risks and ultimately increases productivity.

He adds that wellness is increasingly becoming an important factor for many organisations and companies who are able include wellness services into their business are able to attract and retain talent.


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