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Let's Talk About Workplace Strategy

08 July 2020

Let's Talk About Workplace Strategy

An effective organisation and its employees need to be able to grow and foster together, and a thoughtfully designed workplace creates the ideal environment for this to happen.

A successful workplace strategy assists in creating a space that aligns the organisation with their current and future visions and strategies. It also creates an environment that enables employees to achieve corporate objectives in surroundings that reinforce organisational values and supports their needs.

Our service offering

A workplace strategy that provides a response to both the spatial growth or reduction requirements of an organisation.

A practical application and the implementation of organisational and cultural changes in the work environment.

A lease renewal, merger or acquisition provides an excellent opportunity to implement a new workplace strategy.

What are the benefits?

We work with our clients' management teams to help them devise spatial strategies that energise people and support innovation and change. We implement a number of tools, including best-practice outcomes to help meet specific business and branding objectives.

 How we can help you:

  • Reduce the costs of occupation over the lease term

  • Improve business performance

  • Merge two or more organisations / cultures

  • Relocate or consolidate businesses in their workspaces

The result is a tailor-made, sustainable workplace that uses spaces efficiently and effectively.

This in turn, heightens staff performance and innovation, increases collaboration and creativity and improves staff satisfaction and well-being (which leads to top talent attraction and retention).

Ultimately, our workplace strategy will not only create work-life balance and lower certain operational costs, it will also amalgamate your diverse workforce, increase productivity, optimise your real estate and create the perfect space for your organisation and staff to thrive.

Our Covid 19 strategy

Covid19 has exposed the reality that people can work from anywhere almost anytime.

With this in mind, we are seasoned professionals in leasing, transaction and workplace strategy that can assist you in right sizing your workplace to accommodate both the short term phasing back to office social distancing needs and long-term optimised workspace.

Evaluating your workforce patterns and behaviours, flexibility strategies and aligning these with your workplace we can evaluate how to best expand or contract your workspace.


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